An excerpt from the Book or Truth.

Celestial Wars Edit

A war has raged since the first Titan first set their gates to secure passage between worlds. The gates breached the vast distances between the stars, but also across time. In doing so the Titans made contact with their ancestors, the children of the first moments of this universe. That one act sparked a conflict that has raged since before the first living organisms arose, and may well be the end of us. 

To those that followed, that moment of creation happened in the blink of a divine eye. For the Celestials themselves, compressed as they were in a moment of expanding space-time, they had experienced eons of growth, development, and eventual evolution into unimaginably powerful entities that ruled their known universe. To them, that moment of creation would have seemed as immense and timeless as we organic lifeforms find the current state of our universe.  Formed of pure sentient energy, Celestials had existed for the equivalent of eons in the compressed time of that explosion, until their universe became too cold and to dispersed to sustain them. 

It was the passing of the Celestials, that eventually allowed the formation of the Titans themselves. That power, scattered across creation would find itself bound into the newly formed matter, and when it reached a certain critical mass, a titan would wake. So when a Way was forged allowing contact between the Titans and the final moments of their distant ancestors, the Celestials reacted poorly. They saw only their stolen life-force, twisted into unnatural beings from beyond the death of the universe itself. Needless to say, they did not embrace their descendants.

Until the arrival of the gate the Celestials had believed their doom to be unavoidable. For all their power and knowledge, they could not stop the heat-death that was already shredding their reality. Their universe had expanded to the point that it was coming apart, cooling, vital energy condensing into simple matter. Creating an environment they could not survive.

Staring into the face of extinction, there was one tiny glimmer of hope, an all or nothing gambit to cheat death and save all existence. They would reach into the distant future, in the time of cold matter and empty space, and reclaim the power scavenged from them. With that power, they would reignite the moment of creation revitalising their fading universe. Of course to do this they would need to free that power from the parasitic abominations that held it captive. 

Their motivations and goals may seem monstrous, but let me simplify it for you. In their minds they were the good guys, the humans if you will. They would send their best and brightest into the post apocalyptic wasteland, to try and reclaim their world from the mindless zombie hordes that had overrun it. Kill the undead things, reclaim the world, restart humanity. Put in those terms it makes much more sense, you could even sympathise. Then you remember that in this scenario, we’re the zombies. Actually that’s not exactly right. We’re not even the zombies, the Titans are. We’re so far below their notice that we are the virus that needs a zombie host to survive. 

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