Old Ones are incomprehensible powers that predate creation.

If it can be said that there was a 'before' the spark that ignited creation as we know it, then they are from then.

Old Ones can still be felt influencing the edges of things, but on a scales that defies imagining. Their motives are incomprehensible, and their methods obfuscated. We know of only a few of the Old Ones, either by accidentally attracting their attention or from the word of beings still associated with their powers.

The Air and Water Touched are said to be influenced by the power of these first primordial forces, and Magi who walk these paths of Air and Water, and to a lesser extent Wyrd, are said to draw on their influence directly.

Known Old Ones

Ananke, Chronos, Erebos, Us aka Eros,

Related to the Old Ones

Gaia, Tartarus,

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