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This is a blog for material directly related the to Unseen Worlds series of Novels. Coming soon from Arlock.JW.

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Characters from the Novels

Declan, Isaac, Jessica, Quinn, Rebeca, Ash


Concilium, Covens, Seelie, Tranquil Order, UnSeelie,


Arcadia, HadesMidgard, Olympus, Xibalba


Angels, Demons, Djinn, Fey, Ghouls, The Green, Monsters, Naga, Nephilim, Raksasha, Shape-Shifters, Sidhe, Twists, Vampires, Were-Creatures,

Greater Powers

Old Ones, CelestialsTitansGods


Alchemy, Artifice, Bans, Binding, Glamour,


Aeromancer, Aquamancer, Conjurer, Druid, Enchanter, Geomancer, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Shaman, Sorcerer, Witch, Wizard,




Aeromancer, Alchemy, Angels, Aquamancer, Arcadia, Bans, Binding, Brine Witch, Celestial Wars , Cold Iron, Conjurers, Djinn, Druids, Elemental Gates, Elements, Enchanters, The First, Geomancer, Ghouls, Glamour, Gold (alchemical properties), The Green, Hades, Hedge Wizard, High Magic, Iron (alchemical properties), Jann, Magi, Monsters, Necromancers, Nephilim, Possession, Pre-History, Primal Forces, Pyromancer, Raksasha, Seelie Accords, Shamen, Shape-Shifters, Sidhe, Silver (alchemical properties), Sorcerers, Spirits, Technomancer, Twists, UnSeelie, Vampires, Warlocks, Weather-Witch, Were-Creatures, Witches, Wizards, Xibalba.  

Coming soon from Arlock.JW.

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  • edit Unseen World Wikia
    edited by Arlock.J7 diff
  • new page Rakshasa
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Little is known of the demonic Rakshasa, other than that they are immortal shape-shifters and man-eaters. Legend has it that they can take the form...
  • edit Demon
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  • new page Demon
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Demon has, unfortunately, become a pretty broad term, often used to refer to anything scary and supernatural. A more accurate description (as used by...
  • edit Ananke
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  • new page Ananke
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Ananke is considered by some to the primordial source of Necessity and Fate. What is know is that the entity is the personification of Space, the...
  • new page Erebos
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Erebos (aka Erebus) was an entity of pure darkness. Classified as an Old One it has no form and may be older than creation itself. Tales differ as to...
  • new page Tartarus
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Tartarus is both a being and a place. Being the first celestial, the light inside the cosmos. Tartarus was torn apart by its own expansion, becoming...
  • edit Celestials
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  • new page Azazel
    created by Arlock.J7
    New page: Formerly a Grigori (Watcher), Azazel was cast down to the material realm by the Archangel Raphael. The Watchers, assigned to monitor the material...

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